Who Pays for Medicare and Medicaid?

In our last post, we found that physicians receive higher payments from the privately insured and the uninsured for office visits than they receive from the publicly-insured (i.e. Medicare and Medicaid), but as long as the publicly-insured pay the variable costs of providing care, most physicians have a financial incentive to treat them. This incentiveContinue reading “Who Pays for Medicare and Medicaid?”

The U.S. Healthcare System Might be Better than You Think

In our quest to design an optimal healthcare insurance system, we need to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of our current system to that of other countries. You might have noticed that the U.S. healthcare system doesn’t get a lot of respect in many quarters nowadays. In the universe of developed countries, the percentageContinue reading “The U.S. Healthcare System Might be Better than You Think”