Free PIE for Everyone!

Readers of my blog are aware that I am not a big fan of Obamacare and Medicare For All (MFA). I have proposed an alternative to these two programs, Medicare Prime (MP). But the term “alternative” implies that this new proposal is opposed to Obamacare and MFA. The fact is that MP is a generalizedContinue reading “Free PIE for Everyone!”

The Lone Economist Does Obamacare

In a previous post I said that Obamacare’s long-term chances of survival are poor. And that assumes that enforcement of the individual mandate is eventually reinstated. So why am I so pessimistic with regards to Obamacare? It’s popular and it’s responsible for a sizable decline in the number of people without health insurance. Well, I’mContinue reading “The Lone Economist Does Obamacare”