It’s the Perspective, Stupid

Medicare Prime (MP) is my proposal for a health insurance system that would avoid many of the problems created by our current one. One of its proposed features is the classification of healthcare providers into two camps: in-network and out-of-network. The benefits of this bifurcation of providers deserve further explanation. As explained in a previousContinue reading “It’s the Perspective, Stupid”

How to Lower Health Insurance Premiums

Continuing our outline of Medicare Prime (MP), an “optimal” public health insurance system based on economic principles and data-driven research, we explore one of its benefits for middle-income households, i.e. lower premiums. Why Insurance Premiums Are So High In an earlier post I explained how Medicare and Medicaid (M&M) affect the private insurance market. M&MContinue reading “How to Lower Health Insurance Premiums”

The Cost of Obamacare

Private health insurance alone can never provide protection for all Americans. People with pre-existing medical conditions (including old age) will not be able to afford the premiums charged to them and healthy, risk-neutral people will find the purchase of private insurance too much of an unfavorable bet. To close this coverage gap, many government-financed solutionsContinue reading “The Cost of Obamacare”

An Optimal Health Insurance System

It is now nine years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and there are still 28 million Americans without any form of health insurance. Despite its current strong financial health, the long-term continuation of the ACA exchange market is in doubt. The individual mandate is no longer being enforced by the TrumpContinue reading “An Optimal Health Insurance System”