Questions about The Lone Economist

I’ve gotten some questions about The Lone Economist that I need to address. A number of people want to know if there are any analogs for the other characters from “The Lone Ranger”, specifically Tonto. My answer is “no”. I am the Ponied Pontificator, the Country Contrarian, the one and only (quite literally by definition) Lone Economist! What part of “lone” escapes your comprehension?

Actually, I asked around for an assistant (a little data entry, maybe screen some emails), but it’s hard to find someone who will work for free. Besides, Tonto wasn’t much of a character to begin with. For those of you who know little about “The Lone Ranger”, it’s first incarnation was as a radio show. If the Lone Ranger had literally been alone there would have been no one for him to talk to, no dialogue for the audience to listen to that explained why he was doing whatever it was he was doing. Without Tonto, he would have had to talk to himself out loud. I guess then he could have been called the Loon Ranger.

My, the lengths I’ll go to set up one lame pun. If that was a horse, I’d have to shoot it.

Anyway, there is no Tonto analog and there likely never will be. The best I can do is provide analogs for the two horses on the show, Silver and Scout.

I’m actually afraid of horses (those things bite!), so we’ll have to settle for an orange and white house cat with a weight problem. Here’s a picture of him.

His name is “Silfur”. Get it? “Silfur” instead of “Silver”.

And here’s his sidekick, Scat.

Ain’t she cute?

And the other question I get a lot is “Does the Lone Economist make any money?” My answer to that is, the Lone Economist fights for truth, justice and the American way! Or was that Superman? I might be mixing my 1950’s TV show metaphors there, but you get the idea. The Lone Economist does not work for money.

His corporate sellout alter ego, however, works under cash retainer. No exceptions.

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I am a PhD economist who studies just about anything and proudly specializes in nothing.

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