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  • My Inability to Specialize Makes Me Special

    September 7, 2019 by

    A long time ago near the start of my career as an economist, my mentor at that time sat me down to tell me one word. “Specialize” he advised. I outwardly acknowledged his wisdom while secretly knowing that if specialization was necessary for success in our profession, then I was doomed. Since that conversation I’ve… Read more

  • 6-D Baseball and the Art of Extrapolation

    June 27, 2020 by

    In my last post, I stated that extrapolation is how we fill in gaps in the data created by the Curse of Dimensionality.  It is a blending of observation and theory, a tradeoff between accuracy and simplicity. As much art as it is science, its partial reliance on subjective judgement can make it susceptible to… Read more

  • Baseball and the Curse of Dimensionality

    June 6, 2020 by

    Napoleon once said, “An army marches on its stomach”. Or was that Frederick the Great? I get my 18th century warmongers mixed up. No matter, his meaning was that the quantity and quality of food for one’s troops is of critical importance when fighting a war. In the case of the Lone Economist, the quantity… Read more

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